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About us

We were founded in 2000. And since then we have continued to build and invent everything necessary for a smart and robust Customer Data Platform (CDP). The core of our people has been with us ever since, as they share the same dream: we stand for development, we stand for the best customer solution, we stand for everything needed to organize your customer data for you in a smart way, so that you can get the most out of your product or service.

We are very proud of our customer list. Each of them faced the same data challenge and helped them solve this problem. Because we promise what we preach, we are always willing to offer customer references or reviews of Nominow. By talking to them, you know how we deliver our work.

So let's get started and get the most out of your data landscape! Get started with our Nominow team and trust our customers who have risen to the challenge with us: Tommy Hilfiger, Municipal Transport Company Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum, Jaarbeurs, FC Utrecht, Pet's Place, Calvin Klein and all other satisfied customers.

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We are always looking out for talent that will fit our open but professional culture. Are you into client data, and are you our next new colleague?

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The boutique approach

We are not a large multinational with endless roadmaps. We also do not have a service desk where you have to create a ticket to be helped. We personally guarantee the service to our customers and offer the flexibility in development that is necessary to be able to act quickly, pragmatically. And if customization is required, we will arrange that.
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