Why Nominow?

Nominow Customer Data Platform (CDP) acts as an open system and streams customer profiles to the systems in the customer's marketing and sales stack, such as email applications and marketing automation platforms.
Nominow believes that a Customer Data Platform cannot be a closed system. Therefore, Nominow is built as an open and adaptable system that enriches the existing marketing stack.

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The power of Nominow

We believe that a Customer Data Platform cannot be a closed system. That's why Nominow is built as an headless and flexible system, which can be perfectly integrated into your existing marketing stack. See it as an enrichment of your current systems from which you immediately get more return. Not a big implementation project, but smart integration.

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Single Customer View

Nominow is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that acts as your central source of truth. The Customer Data Platform is where the collection, cleaning and enrichment of customer data takes place. With our flexible data layer, Nominow gets all (real-time) data in and out of your systems.

Smart segmentation

Smart segmentation allows you to analyze your customer data to identify specific individuals or market segments with specific characteristics. Relevant characteristics and target groups can be selected through the complete customer view. The basis for targeted and successful marketing campaigns in every channel.
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Across all channels

Orchestration through the beloved tools and channels. Who would not want that? Armed with up-to-date data and clear insights into the target groups, from tomorrow you can run campaigns that are much more relevant to your customers. Nominow headless CDP orchestrates and automates customer journeys across all your beloved tools and channels.

Points to consider when selecting a Customer Data Platform

Open system is preferred

Nominow acts as an open system with a headless architecture and streams customer profiles to the systems in the customer's marketing and sales stack, such as email applications and marketing automation platforms.
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Headless architecture allows to connect with the customer's processes

In Nominow headless CDP, the REST API can be customized or created to match the customer's business processes. In addition, Nominow can also retrieve data from your systems and process it in the structure that provides the most insight into your customers.

Which type of Customer Data Platform is right for you?

Nominow is a REAL Customer Data Platform. This type of CDP is mainly intended to structure the customer data in the customer's backend and IT systems. It links all customer data sources together at the back and structures all that data in real time in the backend.
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The dashboard

The dashboard is composed by your own customer data consultant based on your goals and challenges. Visualizations of your data can be seen in the dashboard, giving you a quick and easy real-time overview of your customer data.
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Personalize your content with smart segmentations

Nominow gives you the option to compose customer groups (segments) based on user characteristics and behaviour. These groups are updated in real time and you can then use them for data analysis and personalization.
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Nominow builds an individual customer profile from the data of your linked (legacy) systems. In a customer profile you can find data about the demographic data of a customer, but also data that arises from the interaction with your systems. This data can then be used for segmentation.
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Data cleansing

Nominow automatically deduplicates your customer data from your linked (legacy) systems, creating an accurate customer profile. But when the system doubts whether the data is duplicated, the judgment rests with the user of Nominow. This way you always have control over your data.
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