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Tommy Hilfiger Europe are designing and selling bespoke lifestyle clothing and apparel across Europe. Their mission is to create a consistent omni-channel customer experience for buyers and fans resulting in increased brand loyalty and more sales. Back in 2009 they moulded plans to create a customer program: The Hilfiger Club.

The Valley created the heart of the program, covering 21 countries including the U.S. and South-Africa and over 3 mln customer records: a central 360 degree customer profile is created with data from almost any relevant touchpoint, both bricks and clicks. Nominow connects some 20 data sources, takes care of data hygiene, calculates customer insights upon actual behaviour, facilitates easy address selection, triggers relevant communication for individual customers and makes results transparent through easy-to-use dashboards. Hence, Nominow has proven to be a successful engine for day-to-day business results.

Ewa Badaruk, CRM Director Tommy Hilfiger Europe: “Our Hilfiger Club members spend on average 50% more with each purchase.”

For Marketers

You know there’s a lot of market intelligence scattered around in your organisation. But somehow it remains a challenge to get the whole picture, an integrated and actionable insight into what your target groups are up to. Nominow has been developed to solve that issue for you.

For IT

Everyone in your organisation has specific needs when it comes to software solutions. And you have the thankful task to manage and integrate all these applications. Rest assured; Nominow easily integrates with your IT-environment and connects with other applications seamlessly.

For Sales

Ever had the issue where the customer database was not up-to-date? Where you didn’t know if database A or B had the most recent data? We know, we have all been there. That is why Nominow implements a single source of truth for your customer data. Finally.


Within every organisation, data management is on the rise. Any department will have to deal with it. Data exchange, even when it is only internal, poses certain threats in terms of privacy, data loss, etc. With Nominow, all these and similar issues are dealt with.

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