Nominow easily works in any IT-landscape. No adjustments are needed to import and export your data. Nominow enhances your IT infrastructure and its implementations are known to be fast; on average you can experience the difference within a week.


We are proud to say that quite a few top brands in retail, fashion and the service industry use Nominow to their advantage. Brands like Tommy Hilfiger, SDU and Basic Fit enrich their customer profiles with Nominow to improve their performance.


Nominow provides smart and real-time insights into your marketing performance. Analyse and report easily about response, conversion rates, click behaviour and more.

The Valley

Nominow grows in The Valley, an agency that knows how to build brands in the digital age. They have developed Nominow from a marketers’ point of view, not that of a technician. The Valley helps brands make the difference during all of those moments that matter.

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